Fort Collins featured on ‘American Weed’ documentary

A new television series examining the issues surrounding medical marijuana in Colorado will begin airing on the National Geographic channel next Wednesday, Feb. 22, one week after storefront dispensaries in Fort Collins were forced to close.

“American Weed” airs at 8 p.m. Mountain Time. The multi-episode series chronicles the months leading up to the November 2011 vote on Proposition 300, with interviews with proponents and opponents of the measure, dispensary owners, patients and growers in Fort Collins. Passage of Prop. 300 resulted in all dispensaries in the city limits shutting down on Feb. 14. The documentary explores the question of whether public sentiment is turning against further legalization of marijuana, based on Colorado’s experience.

Episode guide and previews can be found at on the National Geographic website.

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  1. I thank that it’s great that prop.300 passed,now I can start selling MY weed and start making the money I used to make before , and sell at a lower price per oz.
    Come on $ 350 an oz. That’s highway robbery. I charge $ 225 an oz.

  2. Damn now the drug cartels can start pushing their product again as well. Martinez is an uneducated idiot. Might as well ban liquor sales and prescription drugs too!

  3. HaHaha The reason it passed is the show American weed made sellers look like complete idiots. You want it legal, do it the right way…support Ron Paul!

  4. i feel sorry for all the chronic pain patients left out in the cold – now they’ll have to risk their lives buying substandard marijuana from pot peddlers on the street. he old mayor is certainly out of touch with reality- i don’t see why this can’t be a win-win situation for everyone – just pass a tax on medical marijuana, and the locals would gain from the dispensaries existence

  5. Medical weed ? come on now get real. At what age did all these phonies start smoking weed? These people are pot Aficionado’s like all the old dopers I know. Watch them smell and taste and choose. Never see this happen at a drug store with other drugs

    • You bring up a good point regarding the drug aspect. People do not go and smell the heroin inspired meds they recieve from their local drug dealer( pharmacist). However when people are picking all natural flowers, vegatables, and fruits they do tend to smell the product to see if it matches with the taste or smell they are looking for.If you are hungry and your local food place is no longer open, do you just stop eating or would you find another place to get the food you need? Even if that meant getting it an a back alley. People always make the comment that it is illegal so that is why they are against it. Does that mean they do not speed whilst driving??? What would you say hurts more people, a person smoking a joint walking down the sidewalk at 2.2 mils per hour, or a 3000 lb machine barreling down the road at 75 mph? A question to ask yourself; Is it illegal because it is bad, or bad because it is illegal? Toke on!!

  6. I doubt ‘American Weed’ had anything to do with it SINCE IT AIRED ON TV AFTER THE VOTE, you retarded know-nothings. I was really surprised that Ray Martinez used to be an under cover cop. Cops in general except for a select few, get off on power. And this ban gives them more power to them and less power to the people. Why dont they have a vote about selling cigarettes. Learn American history and you will learn why pot is illegal. It has nothing to with addiction or inebriation. Its all about power and control. Martinez would rather put people in jail, hes a whiney infant that wants everything his way. Thats propbably why he manipulated everyone he knew or knew him or of him to finally becoming mayor of a little mountain town. Im sure his aspiritions were greater but he just alittle weasel so he got a weasel’s job. I bet he cries and yells at his family everytime something doesnt go his way. little baby with a beard.

  7. I just watched American weed and I can’t believe what I just saw. I just watch the Mayor call his buddy (the official in charge of the ballots) and ask him how the count was coming along. first he says it not looking good then he tells his buddy that we’ll it’s looking better since I spoke to you last.
    Demand a supervised recount.

    • I completely agree with you Dan. I see conflict of interest on multiple fronts with regards to EX Mayor Ray Martinez. When it came out that he was an EX under-cover officer, I instantlly realized this was a corrupt situation. Then when he, not only on video, but in the presence of elected officals LIES blatentlly about the facts of marijuana I became apparent this was the work of a group of people who would stop at nothing to get their way.

      This morning I just watched this weeks recording of American Weed and saw Ray Martinez calling a direct line to the elected official managing the campaign. Never before have I seen such a disrespect and an abuse of power in an election.

      I have no doubt in my mind that the people of Ft. Collins just got screwed by EX Ft. Collins Mayor Ray Martinez and should demand a FULL and COMPLETE INVESTIGATION.

      Personally, I think everyone should spit on the ground as close to his shoe as possible every time he walked near you.

      Ray Martinez is a bona-fied LIAR and should be held accountable for his dis-services to Ft. Collins

      Down, Down Ray

  8. wow that former mayor of Fort Collins is such a typical scumbag who is doing more damage than him and his conservative mind can ever fathom

    dispensaries create crime
    what a joke
    sadly a lot of older people (the fox news watching kind) listen to him and ignore facts

    sad, shame on fort collins for setting an irresponsible behavior, but glad NI was there to capture the hypocrisy

    go colorado medical! great episodes and great representation fort collins growers

  9. Relax people. As these mentally atrophied nitwits die off, the issues will come up again and will legalize it. They have little time to influence anything and think they know best. They are the same morons who say getting high is bad while getting plowed on scotch and bourbon. Utter hypocrisy. Pot is only viewed as bad because they have a say. As they get older, the vote will go to legalization and regulation. They say pot is a gateway drug. This is a lie supported by made up facts and distorted perspective. All cops think weed is bad because they see all of the bad cases of those who can’t handle responsibility. They are completely biased and have nothing but the glass-half-empty approach to everyone. People who look at ordinary citizens, in general as guilty until proven innocent have no place in making policy. People like martinez need to just fizzled away and the test of time played out to show that there is no fact to their made skewed supposed “facts” (see: opinion/bias).

  10. Well 97% of the world believes that Americans are idiots the other 3% have never heard of us. The authorities of this country treat its own people worse than Hitler treated the Jews. The police are worst than the criminals themselves. Come on, did you really expect prop 300 to pass? Wake up america. Don’t be brainwashed. ha ha

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