Marijuana Dispensaries More Abundant as States Like Colorado Succeed in Sales

Marijuana Dispensaries Credit - (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

Verilife, a cannabis store in Wareham, Massachusetts has analyzed dispensary listing data from more than 600 US cities recently in order to find out which cities and states have the most marijuana dispensaries per capita.

With marijuana becoming legal in states all across the country, it is apparent that dispensaries are becoming more and more ordinary.

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The analysis, done by Verilife, found that Colorado is one of the top-leading states in this marijuana madness. According to the analysis, Colorado ranks #4 in marijuana dispensaries per 100,000 people at 14.1 dispensaries. In addition to that, four Colorado cities including Pueblo, Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs are listed within the top 30 rankings of cities with the most dispensaries. In 2018, the state of Colorado generated over $266,000,000 in marijuana tax revenue, equating to $4.8 million per 100,000.

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