Blast N Scrap Launches Marketing Class for Artists & Musicians of All Ages

BlasTacks mARTketing Monthly Classes Starting February 28 in Fort Collins
BlasTacks mARTketing 101 is an exciting monthly workshop that teaches artists and musicians the valuable skill of marketing their work online for as free as possible. The newest offering from mutual aid nonprofit Blast N Scrap is open to creatives of any age for a suggested donation of $15, with no one turned away for lack of money. The first class will be held on February 28, 6 pm at the ARTLab in Fort Collins.
“We are excited to break down the complicated world of digital marketing in a fun workshop for our local creative community,” said Hail Groo, Blast N Scrap’s Director of Marketing and owner of Groo Media. “With mARTketing 101, we’re hoping to make the daunting task of marketing more accessible, fun, and profitable for musicians and artists in Northern Colorado.”
BlasTacks mARTketing participants will learn how to ethically and authentically reach an online audience for as free as possible. Monthly workshops will include the basics of marketing and social media management, as well as guest speakers from local art and music communities. Each class will also have a deep dive into unique strategies for success, so attending multiple classes is recommended but not required.