David Adam Byrnes Brings His Own Brand of Country to Sundance Steakhouse June 3

David Adam Byrnes. Photo courtesy of davidadambyrnes.com.

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David Adam Byrnes will be performing at the Sundance Steakhouse in Fort Collins on Friday, June 3. David is a powerhouse country singer/songwriter that’s garnered a lot of non-stop attention in the last two years.  He’s had 5 consecutive #1 hit singles in Texas and was the 2021 Texas Country Music Award’s “Male Vocalist of the Year” nominee.

He moved to Nashville while he was just shy of 21 and within the first year, he landed a publishing deal and started writing songs with the Nashville elite.  Since moving to Texas to pursue his own brand of traditional country, he’s celebrated a string of #1 hit singles and most notably the music video for his hit song “Old School” was featured on CMT.com.

David also performed at the Key West Songwriters Festival last year and his latest album “Neon Town” is currently out now and can be found on Spotify among other streaming platforms.


David or “DAB” recently spent a little time catching up with New Scene to fill us in on what it has been like doing country music his way and what fans can expect from his upcoming show at the Sundance.

NEW SCENE: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself for folks who may not already be familiar with the name David Adam Byrnes?

D.A.B.: Sure, I grew up in central Arkansas and my mom and dad took me to see my first concert, which was George Strait and from that day on I wanted to be George.  I started singing anywhere I could, talent shows, nursing homes, front porches, fireplaces, pretty much anywhere they wouldn’t tell me to shut up.  Did the whole bar scene in Arkansas and then decided to make the move to Nashville when I was 19 years old.  Spent 11 years there, and had a couple of record deals but I just couldn’t ever do country music like the way I wanted to do it, so I finally decided I was gonna do things my way; I did a record with Trent William and all signs pointed to Texas.  So, I’ve been here (in Texas) for four years, and 6 number 1 hits later things are really taking off now.

NEW SCENE: That’s great, I think it’s better to probably be yourself anyway, just like with your name specifically, it automatically reminded me of David Allen Coe.

D.A.B.: Yeah, you know my first deal I never used my middle name and because of that Talking Heads guy, he’s David Byrne without the S, so they pretty much told me I could change my name or add my middle, so I said I’d add my middle.  But now everybody gets me mixed up with David Allen Coe, so I figure either way I can’t win.

NEW SCENE: That’s funny, I initially thought when I quickly read the press release, I had to do a double-take because I thought, ‘am I interviewing the guy from Talking Heads?’”

D.A.B.: Less weird, man, less weird.

NEW SCENE: So, will this be your first time performing in Colorado?

D.A.B.: So, this’ll be my second time to Fort Collins specifically, but no, we’ve played Colorado, shoot, several times; we were just in Grand Junction and Colorado Springs here just a couple months ago, so we’ve made quite a few trips out there.  This’ll be my second time performing in Fort Collins, but our family vacation every year was going to Cheyenne Frontier Days, so we always passed through it on our way up, that was kind of our last stop in Colorado before we got into the state lines.

NEW SCENE: With your show coming up on June 3 at the Sundance, what can you tell people they can expect from that performance?

D.A.B.: Man, it’s traditional country with some energy.  People all the time tell me that it’s so obvious that you love what you do, and the reality is I do, man, I’m the luckiest guy on Earth; I get to step on stage, and I get to play country music for a living.  We just have a good time when we’re doing it and to me, it’s a party because everybody’s out there having their good time and I’m up there having mine.  So, I just try to get everybody together and forget about all the craziness in the world for an hour and a half and just enjoy dancing and listening, whatever your way of enjoying an evening is, we try to make sure we cater to everybody.

Be sure to check out David’s website at davidadambyrnes.com or his Facebook page at facebook.com/davidadambyrnes.