10 Ways Colorado Students Can Improve Their Chances of Getting Into a Great University

Comcast awarded $75,000 in scholarships to 30 college-bound students across Colorado, as part of the Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Program.

Students at the tail end of their high school experience should have a basic idea of the career paths they’d like to pursue and the universities that offer the most reputable programs in their desired field-of-study with high job-placement rates. Depending on your university-of-choice, the application process can be very competitive. To weed out weaker candidates, universities want students to demonstrate why they’re the best candidates for the program by showcasing their unique skill sets in the form of an application.

An excellent university application is the first step towards securing admission. Because an undergraduate degree provides students with the opportunity to study subjects they’re passionate about, build a network, and connect to internships that can later turn into job offers, attending university is invaluable. With a college degree’s importance in mind, you’ll want to make your university application stand out. All future undergraduates attending university in Colorado should follow the below steps to increase their chances of admission:

Maintain good grades

The first thing that universities look at before sending you an offer is your grades and cumulative GPA. If you find yourself struggling to ace exams in a high school setting, you’ll need to adopt better study habits. Consider improving the grades by implementing a study routine, investing in private tutoring, and utilizing new revision techniques. With a higher GPA, you will have a higher chance of admission to your dream university. 

If your grades are already in tip-top shape, research financial assistance options through merit-based scholarships. Most students in Colorado will require financial aid as tuition fees have doubled since 1980.

Early application

Submitting an early application to your dream university gives you a competitive edge. According to the Colorado Department of Education, the state’s high school graduation rate increased to 81.1% in 2019. These findings imply that more students from Colorado are graduating high school and applying to universities, meaning spaces in the incoming class can fill up very quickly. 

An undergraduate education’s rising importance also suggests that the admission board will be overwhelmed with the number of submitted applications early on in the application window. If you submit your application promptly, this may help you stand out from other candidates. 

Challenge your learning skills

To best prepare for your college experience, sign yourself up for a challenging high school course. Universities around the U.S. are passionate about accepting the brightest students who possess a passion for science, technology engineering, and mathematics. 

Don’t be intimidated by AP and honors classes. Shying away from their rigorous course loads may lower your chances of admission into your dream university. Besides setting your resume apart from your competitors, enrolling in advanced placement courses in high school will boost your GPA. Strive to maintain an excellent academic record while still challenging yourself in these advanced courses.

Showcase your accomplishments and interests

Unfortunately, with an influx of college applicants, academic success isn’t always enough to qualify you for admission. Schools are now looking for a talented and diverse class of students with a variety of interests. Increase your chances of admission by participating in extracurricular activities and joining clubs that demonstrate your passions and your commitment to success. Taking on leadership roles will also make you a competitive candidate. 

In the application process, you’ll want to include other details about you in the application that may help you stand out from the crowd, such as awards you’ve won, letters of recommendation, certificates, etc. 

Write a good admission essay

Take some time to refine your university essay. Because these admissions essays are an opportunity to showcase your skills and sell all your unique and desirable characteristics to a university, think long and hard before writing it. What are your strengths? What are your marketable skills? To avoid writing another stale admission essay,  try to convey your personality, whether you’re energetic, intellectually curious, passionate, or a combination of the three. These characteristics will set you apart and increase your chance of enrollment.

Do a lot of research

Research is vital during the application process. Courses in different universities vary in terms of modules and content, even between classes with the same title. An English Literature course in a school in Colorado may offer different modules from one in Illinois. Tailor your application according to the program the university is offering in your preferred field of study.

Engage with your preferred subject

Take some time to research the subject matter you’ll be studying. Some students choose to invest early in course-specific books. Universities prefer driven students who are committed to their education and willing to go the extra mile. Reference some of the books you’ve been reading during the application for that special touch. Citing these course-specific texts will exhibit your passion for the field and your desire to learn.

Get a job in your course-related field

If possible, get a job that’s related to your desired field of study. Including this in an application will highlight your dedication and maturity level. Generally speaking, universities tend to favor students with work experience, as students with said experience gain essential skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving abilities during their employment.

Adequately prepare for physical interviews

Many universities conduct on-campus interviews. Take time to prepare for the interview adequately. Dress professionally and be friendly and eloquent during the interview. After the meeting, send a note or an email thanking the interviewer and express your continued interest in the given institution. 

Ask for assistance

During the application process, get assistance from your teachers, parents, school counselors, and other mentors. Ask them any questions regarding the application process. In some cases, these teachers, parents, and school counselors may have attended your university-of-choice.  Regardless of their alma mater, they can advise you on what to include in the application to increase the likelihood of enrollment. 

The bottom line

The application process may be emotionally and mentally taxing. After reviewing the above tips, you can have confidence that your application will be accepted. Be proud of everything you have achieved so far, and be sure to showcase these achievements in your application. Investing in an undergraduate degree is often the first step towards a successful career in the future, according to North Forty News. So, don’t underestimate its benefits.


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