Windsor Announces Public Works Facility Campus Expansion

The Town of Windsor Public Works Facility
ARTIST RENDERING FROM WINDSOR.GOV. The Windsor Public Works Facility in an artist rendering from 2017.

The Town of Windsor Public Works Facility


From the Town of Windsor –

The Town of Windsor Public Works Facility is expanding. The town broke ground on a new parks maintenance and museum collections facility on Monday, June 24. The new facilities will be located at 922 N. 15th St. The project will consist of a new parks maintenance shop, a museum collections facility, as well as expand the current Public Works administrative building and cold storage facility.

The parks maintenance shop is currently located in a shared facility with the Weld RE-4 school district. The town lease for this space ends in 2020. Once construction for the new park maintenance building is complete, the parks maintenance shop will move locations and reside at the Public Works campus. The Open Space and Trails, Parks, and Forestry Divisions will all operate out of the new building. The addition of a museum collections facility allows for Windsor artifacts to be housed in a fire protected and climate controlled environment. The facility will enable town staff to continue accepting donations into its collections, as well as provide a space for staff members and volunteers to work with the collections for preservation and display. This new building supports two of Windsor’s cultural facilities: the Art and Heritage Center and the Boardwalk Park Museum.

The administrative building expansion will house park staff, human resources, and IT along with additional offices for Public Works. The cold storage expansion of Public Works will enable staff to protect critical equipment and supplies from the elements.

The Public Works Department is responsible for managing the town’s water, sewers, storm drains, transportation systems, and the maintenance of other public areas. These functions will not be affected during the expansion.

On May 21, 2019, the Town of Windsor held a public meeting for anyone living in the neighboring Windshire subdivision to discuss this project. The goal of expanding the Public Works Facility is to better support the current and growing needs of the town.

For more information on this project, call 970-674-3523