The 5 Best Twitter Hacks for Rapid Growth In 2022

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Let’s be honest, Twitter is not as popular as Facebook and Instagram – and yet, it’s an interesting app that provides the users with potential visibility and a chance to be replied to by their favorite star. Twitter is also useful and relevant for digital marketers, writers and businesses thanks to the active community on the platform. This app provides microblogging and social networking services as it allows users to share content via a limited-characters post and connect with other users. Twitter has an average of 200 to 300 million users per month, which ranks it below a few social media apps. That however doesn’t deny its popularity among people. It remains one of the most used and loved social media platforms in the world for inducing the users’ creativity and connecting directly with well-known figures. Similarly, you can become one of those people with a high number of followers, and it’s not impossible. Here are some of the best hacks for rapid and healthy growth on Twitter in 2022.


  1. Twitter Auto Follower Tools:

Twitter auto follower tools automatically follow other people to fasten your growth on the platform. It is indeed possible to access several automated activities to grow followers, but it should not be used too much. If done on a larger scale, it can get you into trouble, or worse – you can end up banned from the app. This is mainly because a bot would be responsible for all the activities of your account which will put your account at risk.  That is why it is important to sort out the best Twitter auto-follow tools and make sure the automation is not risky for you. For further information, you can check out sites that list and review the best Twitter auto follower tools in 2022.

  1. Post Entertaining Content:

 If you’re aiming for growth on Twitter, stop sharing things like “cool party, woohoo!” No one cared if the party was cool, they weren’t invited anyway. Think of the audience you want to reach on your Twitter. For a starter, share entertaining content that will catch your audience’s attention; Be creative, use puns, and speak about news in a funky way, but don’t be dull! Entertaining content can also include sharing other users’ content to both keep the momentum of posting on Twitter, build relations, and grow the level of your followers. You can also mention influencers in your content as they will provide you with more visibility, or comment on a very popular post that will get you a lot of likes.

  1. Be Consistent & Engage with Your Followers:

Twitting once a week and ghosting your account for the rest of the month won’t take you any further.  Twitter’s algorithm is a kind of long-term game that requires consistency and dedication. Once you step into the Social media space, there is no turning back! It requires commitment from the very beginning – and hopefully, with time, that commitment will be fruitful. Another important element for growing on Twitter is engaging with followers. You’re not alone on the platform; you’re among thousands and millions of people who also use the app, and the way you’re going to stand out and prove you exist and you have something to offer is by engaging with users. Engaging includes commutating with them, sharing, supporting, liking, commenting, interacting, etc. If you’re still new to Twitter, you can follow relevant people and respond to their tweets. The key is to be active and dynamic on Twitter. 

  1. Use The Right Hashtags:

Twitter isn’t Twitter without hashtags, and if you’re posting tweets without hashtags then you’re doing it wrong! Unlike other platforms, Twitter heavily relies on hashtags to reach a wider audience and receive exposure. To do so, it’s important to select the right hashtags to follow trends and novelties so that people can easily find your post and engage with it. Not only that, but it will also assure your exposure to the right audience – the one your content is mostly addressed to. 

  1. Update Your Profile:

To attract more visibility, it is important to optimize and edit your Twitter page. Add a good profile picture that will show you at your best: or promote your business by opting for your company’s logo instead. Choose something simple that lacks details: remember that your profile picture will only be visible in a small circle next to your name. Describe yourself in your bio with relevant and intriguing information. If you have a website or other social media accounts, you can add them there as well. Be creative and consistent!


Now that you’re aware of these steps, it’s time for you to log in to that old Twitter account and spice up your profile. If anybody can become a Twitter star, why shouldn’t you?