Movers and Shakers 2015

Amy Bradley: The Downtown Artery
Currently, we are building out a new venue and cafe on the lower level of our building. The goal is to
provide a comfortable, exciting space for purveyors of the arts and music scene to congregate, enjoy quality
music, good food and drink, and be part of a creative community.
We have 35 in-house artists upstairs that can be found working on their projects and sharing ideas. They
are our lifeblood. Seeing people actively pursuing their passion gives us the motivation to find new ways to
aid them in their pursuits. We also host a variety of events, from concerts to private parties, making it a very
functional space. These events invite people who may not normally seek out an art/music establishment to
our creative world.
In 2015, we hope to see the Northern Colorado arts scene band together to create a flourishing artistic
landscape wherein artists and organizations are encouraged to collaborate in the interest of meeting mutual
goals. Sustainability is the high-water mark we are reaching for.
Bruce Brodeen: Digital Marketing Strategy &
Content Production Services, Not Lame Media
We all feel it. Something’s been going on with the music scene in Northern Colorado. But what do we
want ‘the scene’ to grow into? What can the musicians, the clubs, the bookers and promoters, the business
leaders, art collectives and organizations do better? I believe the next frontier in the growth of the NoCo
music scene is not to mirror the success of gatherings like SXSW in Austin, TX by promoting shows harder or
trying to find a band to breakout on a national level. Those represent the “old ways” of the music business.
The best use of our efforts and one that benefits the creatives long-term is an education in the business
of selling: a series of continual workshops and educational initiatives where business leaders, digital thought
leaders, and marketing experts enlighten and empower our musicians and artists to better understand
how the business of selling their art works. We need to teach them how to build an audience, get attention,
deliver a product their audience wants, build on the wins, and bounce back from the setbacks. We should
teach our cherished creatives to become ‘entreproducers’ and gain skills that will benefit them for the rest of
their lives.
Dawn Duncan: Yellowbright Inc.
Yellowbright is a publicity, marketing, management, and booking firm dedicated to working with
musicians. Our clients are predominantly in the Rocky Mountain region, however we do work with acts out
of state. We tailor promotional services around an artist/band to give them the best approach to furthering
their image, music, and message, and enhance their business capabilities in the process.
I am relentlessly trying to “give a voice beyond the stage” to the talent in Colorado. I’ve lived here for 20
years and have watched the music community evolve in the level of quality and diversity it has to offer, and
I want the world to know that Colorado has absolutely everything to offer by way of incredible musicians. I
founded a sister company in 2014, Sugarfox Records, in order to have an independent label that gives 80%
of sponsorship dollars raised directly to artist projects, promotion, and touring, while giving them a one-year
deal to have full publicity, management, and booking support through Yellowbright. It’s a crazy idea in some
ways, but it’s working.
I think the creative community will continue to grow and build in 2015. We’re in a major shift right now,
people are stepping outside of the confines of traditional employment and service to encompass their
creative spirit. Artists are experiencing more opportunities to receive better pay, play in new venues, and
expand beyond this region by collaborating with out-of-area bands and industry reps, and that will continue
to foster a healthy and far-reaching arts community.
James Yearling: Communications & Events Director,
The Downtown Business Association
After 30 years, our musical playground is getting a makeover! My job is to promote Downtown Fort
Collins, and there’s a lot to sing about. The ongoing renovation of Old Town Square will convert our Crown
Jewel into a world-class concert venue with the spirit of an old-fashioned community bandstand: a multi-use
gathering place and platform for performance, information and inspiration.
This year, the DBA and our community partners will continue to support local music by featuring 125+
Colorado performers and bands at events, including downtown outdoor concert series, the Colorado
Brewers’ Festival, Bohemian Nights at New West Fest, FORToberfest, and more. The next 12-18 months will
see construction of an on-campus stadium, a new hotel, and perhaps even the design and designation of an
authentic Music District here in the heart of town. Safe to say, the spotlight is about to get brighter. Music
fans: stay tuned. Musicians: practice those scales!


Liz Evans: Production and Publicity, Avogadro’s Number
Music is the product of profound cooperation between its players. All the venues in town — big and small–are working toward the same goal: the enrichment and badassification of the music scene. I am excited to be a part of increasing cooperation between venues. Many passionate, driven people are working to foster a fresh, dynamic version of an already lively scene. The musical infrastructure of Fort Collins has been bolstered with new venues, the reopening of the GNU gallery, and the installation of Higher Ground Rehearsal Studios. The stage has been set for a powerful renaissance, and we will all work together to forge a vibrant, organic music community.
I look forward to a surge in collaboration and inter-venue cooperation, which will swiftly diversify and energize the local industry. I personally intend to utilize music events as a platform upon which to enact social change; whether by collecting items for donation to local organizations at events, or giving a voice to those who otherwise would not have one, music will continue to be a powerful catalyst for change. Together, we will put forth an even stronger, more community-driven incarnation of Fort Collins music!

Molly Rothenbuehler: SpokesBuzz
When Dani Grant presented an opportunity at SpokesBUZZ to help develop partnerships for the organization, I jumped at the chance. My role is to highlight the many programs that SpokesBUZZ has developed to potential community and national partners. I am able to offer attractive branding and content marketing that aligns our sponsors with the creative community. With the support of the hard-working Fort Collins businesses, we can set the tone for the playful and vibrant character that is Fort Collins, and integrate those partners into the fabric of the experience. Together, we help amplify the music scene that promotes Fort Collins as a cultural destination; it is the mission of SpokesBUZZ to maintain that image and keep people coming back for more.
In 2015 and beyond, being able to provide that experience to companies who value a community rich in arts and culture is key. By providing an opportunity for community partners and brands to invest in and support our musicians and market with them, I think we can drive the economics. We can help put the Front Range of Colorado in the national top of mind as both a destination for travel and a creative hub for talent development. The music scene here and now all across the state is thriving at a pace that puts us on par with other forward-thinking, music-rich cities like Austin and Seattle. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?


Nick Duarte: Post Paradise, Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

Currently, I am a proud member of the Northern Colorado music scene as front man for the local cello-rock band Post Paradise. We are entering our sixth year as a band, and are about to complete our third full-length record. I spend my days as Curator of the Music & Sound Lab at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. There I maintain our interactive music exhibits, develop programming, and build collaborations with local musicians and festivals. My goal is to create a learning environment that will inspire the next generation of amazing Fort Collins talent! This year I became a board-member for SpokesBUZZ, helping to amplify our Colorado music scene and develop up and coming bands. Last but definitely not least, I sit on a small talent advisory board for The Bohemian Foundation.


Rita Besser: Event Planning/Promo. Services, Du’ Tell Events

Are you over 35 and a bit disappointed with the typical bar scene? I have a solution for you – attend a Du’Tell Events show in the downtown Fort Collins area and get your groove on! I started Du’ Tell Events four years ago and decided after 12 years of working my past job to make it my permanent business. I promote local downtown venues and monthly events that cater specifically to the more mature audience. We attract the professionals that want to party in Old Town with the atmosphere and tunes they love, mixed by the best DJs in Northern Colorado. The crowd is full of music and dance enthusiasts that enjoy going out and having fun (their style) with classic hits from the ‘60s – late ‘90s by jamming DJs that know how to mix it up. The key is to provide a consistent groovy place where people know they can have a great time regardless of other local Old Town festivities. A great night life is important for our business owners as well as the customers. It’s that balance that sets Du’Tell Events above many other types of promotional companies.
This past year I developed an informative website announcing all new events and future shows. With the addition of a new place for local bands (Illegal Pete’s), there is even more demand for allowing fresh, talented new artists an opportunity to play live. Gathering with friends and talking, having a few laughs, dancing, and enjoying the old school DJ mixes and live new artists series is a typical Du’Tell Events evening. I truly appreciate this attention to my business and efforts in focusing on “Where the Grown Folks Play!” in Fort Collins. For more information or to plan your event, visit or call (970) 988-0927.

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