Cannabis Corner: Everything You Wanted to Know About Marijuana in Colorado But Were Afraid to Ask

by Dr. Diesel
Hey Dr. D: Back in the day, I used to make those yummy, green-butter chocolate chip cookies. You could eat one or two and feel really great for hours.Being the lazy cookie monster that I am, I decided to buy some from my favorite dispensary last week. Damn, were they expensive too! Anyway, I brought them home and proceeded to eat one. It wasn’t long before I was hovering in the corner with my head violently spinning, where I remained for several hours mumbling in tongues. What’s up with that?  -Cookie Monster
Dear Monster: First of all, economics of supply and demand are pushing up prices, along with the fact that the man has changed packaging and dosage laws on all edibles. If you don’t have your medical card, you are also forking over higher taxes (refer Cannabis Corner July 2014). Additionally, there are fewer recreational wholesalers for edibles. This is due, in part, to the fact that there are no edibles being made in this region because the cost of a marijuana only commercial kitchen and the licensing required is an expensive and complicated proposition. Supply is more plentiful and less expensive if you have your medical card (hint, hint). If ya wanna make it easier on yourself and those poor over-worked folks at the shop, ya might wanna consider it.
As for over consumption, my guess is that like many folks, you didn’t read the dosage recommendations on the package. You may want to consider a magnifying glass for that tiny print, or brushing up on your literacy skills. The maximum dosage per package is 100 milligrams (mg). So, if you bought and consumed an entire 100mg cookie at one sitting, no doubt your head felt as though it was riding a Six Flags rollercoaster. It’s purported that 30mg is about the equivalent of smoking a whole joint by yourself.  The recommendation is 10mg (1/10th of that cookie) and then wait one to one and a half hours to see how you feel, then consume in 10mg increments until you find your perfect fuzzy zone. For the less math savvy, just eat a little at a time. Folks who consume edibles responsibly report positive experiences, and many have quit smoking marijuana all together. Don’t give up Cookie Monster. I suggest trying it again, as you are now more informed.
Hello Dr. D: I would like to grow my own marijuana for personal use. Where do I begin?  – “Budding Green Thumb”
Dear Bud: There are many growers out there who would love to consult with you for a nominal fee. There are also many excellent resources available to you both in print and on-line (though you must be able to read better than the aforementioned Cookie Monster). “Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible” by Jorge Cervantes is the book used by many in the industry. On-line resources include many sites such as: You may also want to take a trip to Way to Grow, your local resource for such horticultural endeavors.               Finding seeds or clones, can be the tricky part. Again, if you possess that almighty medical card, you may purchase these items from a dispensary. If you are one of those unfortunate suckers who keep putting it off, you are going to have to find them on the down low. You may network with other personal growers to get a clone or a cut, or look on the black market. Like weed itself, it is illegal to send/receive such items through the mail, as it is also illegal to buy/sell them.
Please send your questions about all things marijuana in the State of Colorado on Scene Magazine of Northern Colorado’s Facebook page. 

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