(I’m not really a doctor, though I play one in this column.)
Q: What’s Up Dr. R: The other night on
the news I saw a story where they were
talking about CBD found in marijuana
plants. I’m really confused by this because
I thought marijuana was all about
THC. What’s the deal here?
A: Dear Local News: CBD is an abbreviation
for a compound found in cannabis
known as Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a
non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is
present in the glandular trichomes of
marijuana plants. CBD is essentially the counterpart
to THC in that it does not produce the
intoxicating effects that THC creates. Many
studies have shown that CBD can help prevent
short-term memory loss and paranoia (two
negative side effects attributed to the effects
of THC). Also, THC is believed to be responsible
for most of marijuana’s sleep-inducing effects,
while studies suggest that CBD acts to
promote wakefulness. The reason that you saw
this on the news is because of all of the medical
benefits that we are learning about when it
comes to CBDs. Studies suggest that CBD may
have therapeutic benefits in the treatment of
many ailments including chronic pain, anxiety,
nausea, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, PTSD,
alcoholism, stroke, cardiovascular disease and
cancer. CBD also has anti-inflammatory,
neuro-protective, and anti-oxidant properties
which are thought to fight degenerative
diseases and aging. We are really just scratching
the surface when it comes to all of the
medical benefits associated with CBDs.
Q: Hello Dr. R: Long time reader, first time
writer. I have heard about all of the
wonderful medical benefits of CBDs,
and I am really curious as to what the
different options are when it comes to
consuming CBDs.
A: Dear Heebie CBDs: There are many different
options available, with many more
coming every day. You can purchase CBD
tinctures in a liquid form that can be
ingested orally through a dropper. These
tinctures are offered in 100 and 500 mg
varieties. Another option would be through the
use of a CBD salve. Salves are topical ointments
that you apply directly to your skin. CBD salves
have been shown to help with muscle pain,
joint pain, and even dry and oily skin. Anywhere
that you are experiencing pain, you can
apply the salve to your skin and many people
have reported that their pain is reduced
greatly in a matter of minutes. Another popular
way to consume CBDs is through the use of
“dabbing” concentrates (see last month’s Cannabis
Corner for more info on dabbing.) When
a plant that is high in CBDs is run through
the extraction process, we get a much more
concentrated percentage of CBD in the material.
This makes for a higher dosage than you
would see from smoking CBD strains in their
flower form.

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