Letter: Bus should have been parked somewhere else

On Aug. 8 there was a report of a suspected bomb onboard a bus traveling on Interstate 25. Larimer County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the call. When law enforcement stopped the bus and had it driven off on the interstate they:

a.) Parked it in a big, empty parking lot — such as the old greyhound racing track.
b.) Parked it in a big, empty field away from people.
c.) Drove it into the Larimer County Fairgrounds where there were hundreds of kids tending their animals plus parents and others camping on the grounds and moving stock.

The sheriff’s department picked C.

This is dumb beyond belief. The fairgrounds were closed so nobody could pick up his or her kids or their animals. Trucks and trailers were backed up for miles. Sheriff’s deputies told kids to clear the buildings and not feed or water the livestock. Keep in mind that these kids have been raising animals for a year. You think that they are going to leave them in hot buildings with no water and poor ventilation? My kids fed and watered their animals and other animals left in their charge. They were not going to let their animals suffer.

When I called the Sheriff’s office to complain, I was told that law enforcement thought that no one would be at the fairgrounds until after 4 p.m. But the fair had been going on for a week. There were hundreds of animals and people there. What were they thinking?

Next I was told that law enforcement needed a “secure” location. Are they nuts? Let’s endanger our kids so they can have a “secure” location? Parking a bus with a suspected bomb on board next to a building filled with people is hardly “secure.”

Al Scott

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