Letter: Wellington — A new beginning?

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Wellington is at a crossroads in its life as a viable community in Northern Colorado. It is a proven planning fact that towns can go only two directions. They can plan for responsible growth and a sustainable future, or they can choose to not grow by not planning for the future.

Colorado’s Great Plains are full of towns that chose to not plan their future and did not grow. They died as towns and as communities.

Wellington has arrived at that time in its history to make the decision to plan for responsible growth. We have a master plan for our community that is out of date and lacking in many areas. Currently, some say our master plan is being updated, while others say nothing is being done at all.

Utility companies have not been contacted to address possible future expansions of our infrastructure. This is an important issue to address in any planning for the future. When potential new industries come to ask questions regarding what we have planned for our future, we have no answers.

Now, Wellington is at that crossroads where we have the opportunity to plan a new beginning for our future. New ideas, new commitments and new directions are needed to develop that Comprehensive Master Plan that will be a guide for our future.

Wellington has some very positive points to start as a base from which we can plan a viable future, and Wellington is going to have the opportunity to decide if it wants to go in this direction or not.
A pool of fresh water that has no new water flowing through it, in time becomes stagnant and ____________.

Chuck Mayhugh, NCARB