Springdale Quartet – Noise Factory

By Devin Morse
In the most quintessential way, Springdale Quartet is a jam band. This instrumental, Boulder based funk/jazz fusion outfi t threads upbeat rhythms with playful organ and guitar riffs in a manner that the word “crunchy” somehow describes perfectly.
Surely, the group navigates a kaleidoscope of ninth chords and pregnant beats with formidable prowess. The content is, however, a bit recycled, maintaining a similar rhythm, mood, and chord structure throughout. There is little doubt that the group’s live show would be a blast, as these tunes are funky, fun, and danceable. When recorded, however, the music becomes mocked (just a bit) by a great number of jam clichés.
The album’s second track, “Drop My Stick” is exemplary of the group’s overall sound. The song is lead by a catchy organ motif, broken apart by well-articulated guitar solos, and made spicy by an interesting offbeat rhythm emphasis. It has that whole endless roller coaster of ups and downs feel
familiar to any veteran festival-attendee.
The song “Lucky Kookamoochie” may be the most unique of the bunch, taking a dreamier approach to the same funk proclivities. The less aggressive nature of this track allows the well-laid groundwork of drums and bass to shine through a bit more clearly than on the other tracks.
Overall, Noise Factory is fun and easy to like. Composition-wise, it may not be the most groundbreaking funk-fusion music out there, but it is well played, well recorded, and crunchy as hell.

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