Publisher’s Letter: Join Me — Let’s Create Balance

By Blaine Howerton, Publisher
North Forty News

This summer, I will be 47. As I continue my journey through life, I am still learning about balance. I have seen too many people seemingly forgetting about it – Politically, personally, and professionally. That’s why I had to take a significant break from social media. It was just too frustrating!

I’m trying to live my life with the concept of balance. When I take, I try to give back. Paying it forward is just the opposite, and I do that too.

Running North Forty News, for example, sometimes feels like it takes more than it gives. Hundreds of people write us emails every day, asking for coverage. What they don’t realize is coverage costs money. Big money! From simply receiving the email, paying for the paper that the message sits on, the webserver to distribute the news online, paying for the people who write it and physically deliver it, and so on. Yes, we get advertising and subscriptions to help us pay for that, and I thank every single one of you! But after five years of ownership, North Forty News still hasn’t reached a comfortable balance.

I’m not asking people to stop sending us content. And, I’m not saying that we will stop delivering messages of importance to the communities in Northern Colorado — that’s the point of having a reliable, locally owned news service. If it weren’t for our advertisers and subscribers (previous and current), North Forty News wouldn’t exist. I would like to see more balance.

By that, I mean, Subscribe:

  • People who are reading the newspaper regularly for free — Subscribe. It costs more to have a cup of coffee. Why not support the organization? The more subscribers we have, the better our content gets.
  • Organizations that receive coverage from us — Subscribe or advertise. $79 per year (or less) for a subscription is nothing for the marketing message you get, and you are supporting a news service that has already helped you.
  • Event producers and people who use our calendar as a service — Subscribe or advertise. I’m sure you’re paying more for advertising on social media or elsewhere. We deliver people to your events, and you’re making exponentially more from their presence. We haven’t asked you for a dime for the free service we have provided to you.

As an added benefit to our subscribers and advertisers — you aren’t sending your money away to some enormous corporation somewhere that could care less about you, your organization, your event, or our community, for that matter. You are keeping your money local!

Balance. North Forty News gives back. Every dollar we get goes back into the community, and we provide unmatched ALL LOCAL coverage regionally that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you haven’t already, please join me in creating balance. I subscribe because I believe in supporting local news. I’m paying it forward to North Forty News!

Together, let’s pay it forward to our community as a whole. See our subscription information below.



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