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By Blaine Howerton, Publisher
North Forty News

I talk to people almost daily about how they love North Forty News because it provides all local stories. They say they’ve never seen anything like it in northern Colorado. They appreciate the hard work and the seemingly long hours, then a text to put the news out every week. I have never worked harder in my life.

I am the backup when someone on our team can’t do their job because they’re sick or have other certain life circumstances. I am the primary person for all of our other jobs. I’m not whining; this is just the reality of trying to operate Northern Colorado’s only regional independent weekly on a shoestring budget.

The only way to make it easier on all of us, including me, is to generate revenue. I have spent five years trying to do that. And many times, we are successful.

Those prosperous times prove that North Forty News can generate reliable revenue. And it demonstrates that the misconception that the local news is dying — is false.

People are tired of hearing about things that don’t apply to them.

That’s why I built a publication that encompasses as much information as possible in the pages we have available weekly.

We have Northern Colorado’s only printed weekly calendar.

We are Northern Colorado’s only solution-driven journalism publication.

We are the only website and newspaper that delivers to our subscribers’ doors throughout the entire region.

We drive hundreds of miles a week to make sure door delivery happens.

Can we do better? Yes! But we need Northern Colorado’s support.

Suppose we reach a goal that I have set. By January, the addition of 1000 subscribers. This organization will be something completely different — and better.

I am writing about this for the third week, and I will continue to write about it until it happens.

If you’re reading this, you are interested in making a difference in Northern Colorado. And together, we can do this! If you already subscribe, thank you. Pick up five copies of the newspaper from one of our stands or email me. I will make sure they get to you. Take those five copies, and give them to friends, family, neighbors, or anyone. Tell them how much you appreciate the local news. Tell them to support it by subscribing.

I write these words because I genuinely believe Northern Colorado needs a thriving and robust news platform that combines the happenings of our communities (so they can support each other).

If the people in those communities would help fund it, I could focus on making it much better (rather than just trying to keep the company afloat).

I’m not asking for much. Our lowest-priced subscription is only six dollars a month.

And, for those who can’t afford $6. We provide thousands of copies weekly to more than 200 newsstands throughout Northern Colorado.

Rather than complaining about how horrible the local news is, do something about it. I am!

Last week we gained four subscribers. Thank you!

Let’s double that number next week and keep doubling it until the red in the graphic above is gone.

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