Letter: Poison anyone?


After 40 years of mass poisoning of birds, the USDA is still trying to decide if the poison DRC-1339 works. I would think the dead birds everywhere would be a clue. Debate? What debate? They just did it!

To use mass poisoning as a “test method” is absurd. Putting aside the ignorant “test method” and the collateral death or damage that is sure to exist (as with any poison). Here is what I see: A prime example of our “fundamentally changed” America!

U.S. Government agencies are acting with impunity. Using our money, they do whatever they want. After the fact (when the dead show up), they come to the “debate” with immunity, a legal team, disinformation, and more and more often, a police or military escort! A spokesperson comes out, tells us it’s all OK and at that point, I guess we’re all expected to put our heads back in the sand! Budget cuts anyone?

I support farmers and ranchers! Thank you! Theirs is a hard life. This letter is not directed at them. Food is good!

USDA approved? Ewwwww…oops, I mean pass the dead birds please.

TR Souders

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