Artists’ Coalition for Events

Karen and Art Kober (Western Artist) At the Richard Schmidt Fine Art Auction)
Karen Mary Castranova began doing events for artists after retiring from teaching art in the public schools back in the early 2000’s. It felt like it was a natural progression to begin assisting artists with selling their work. She has spearheaded Christmas Shows at both the Fort Collins and Loveland Senior Centers, Summer, Fall and Spring Events, 1st Friday Events, Fundraisers for the Wolf-sanctuary, and the Richard Schmidt Fine Art Auction. She was instrumental in donating over 12,000 Systane eye-drops from Fort Worth for the all of High Park Fire Firefighters!!!
She owned her own art gallery off of College Ave in Fort Collins, and moved to a smaller consulting office in Loveland where she can continue events and selling. Social media is something she mastered and has utilized for 16 years to not only sell artist’s work, but assist several local businesses with web creation and public insights. Her knowledge of ad creation and Google Adsense has helped with MANY events and to further business for small businesses in NOCO. Her clients have been with her for years.
The non-profit, Artists’ Coalition for Events was formed a few years back to utilize booth fees for venues, advertising, signs and food for each event. Artists can pay a small fee to get discounted booth fees throughout the year and then be a part of the coalition.
Karen has consistently put on 6 to 8 shows per year for the area artist and crafter. She is always looking for nice venues to host family-friendly events. If you own or know of a 1,500 square foot event center or larger, please contact her! She is always happy to host an event in a new venue for the artists!
Some of the work featured; fine arts, hand-made, unique gifts, and even direct sales with women-owned local businesses!