Pet Poisoning - What To Do In An Emergency One of the most common reasons we see pets on emergency is poisonings - most often a case of a dog or a cat accidentally eating something they should not have. We have a few tips of what to do if you think your pet has been poisoned

By Kelly Brueck kbrueck@wynco.bbb.org

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America’s Mattress of Fort Collins and Spring Back Colorado Mattress Recyclers have teamed up to recycle old mattresses into dog beds. They make green Pup Dog Beds from 100% organic latex foam re-purposed from post-consumer mattresses. Recycling mattresses is a triple win for everyone on the planet. Over 20 million mattresses end up in landfills each year in the United States alone. Not only does it reduce demand on our over-burdened landfills it creates jobs in the local community.  Spring Back gives employment opportunities to the disenfranchised and others with barriers to work. 90% of the used mattresses are re-purposed which then further reduces the drain on our natural resources. Green Pup Dog Beds are a great example of this.

America’s Mattress owner Garrett Munzenrieder says, “We offer free removal of your old mattress and recycling to all of our customers. The thought of putting mattresses in the landfill is unacceptable to us.”

Spring Back Colorado VP of Operations Roberto Valdez had this to ad,” At Spring Back of Colorado we are fond of saying, We are breaking down mattresses to build up lives. Not only are we helping the environment by reducing the number of mattresses going to the landfill, but we are also creating employment opportunities for the disadvantaged.”

You can see the Green Pup Dog Beds at America’s Mattress 2716 S. College Ave in Fort Collins or at Spring Back Colorado 309 S. Link Lane, # B. You can call also deliver your existing mattress Spring Back for a fee or call and arrange for delivery.