Sean Dougherty

Candidate name: Sean Dougherty

Contact email:

Municipality candidate is running in: Larimer County

List the office candidate is running for: Larimer County Commissioner, District 1

List candidate’s campaign website:

List additional information: Hello Larimer County! My name is Sean Dougherty, and I’m running to continue as your Larimer County Commissioner for District 1. While this district represents the northern third of Larimer County, the entire county votes on each Commissioner Race, and I know that each Commissioner works for the whole County, not just their respective District.

Why am I the most qualified candidate to be a Larimer County Commissioner? Experience, Involvement, and Leadership.

For over 8 years, I worked directly with our current County Commissioners while serving on the Larimer County Planning Commission. We have passed the following Master Plans for the future of Larimer County – Transportation, Facilities, The Ranch, Parks and Recreation, and Reservoir Plans – and are working hard on Citizen Input for our full Comprehensive Master Plan, with a goal of completion by Summer, 2019. I have heard and made recommendations to the Commissioners on contentious land use cases while on the Planning Commission, and have helped ease code regulations on Larimer County Citizens. Our recommendations and decisions have positively affected thousands of our residents. This experience has allowed me a seamless, although unexpected, transition into the role of County Commissioner in September, when my friend Lew Gaiter passed away.

I believe that it’s everyone’s civic duty to give back to the community in ways that each person finds meaningful. I’m proud to have been involved for years in many different local charitable organizations, including Realities for Children, Coats & Boots, Disabled Resource Services, Neighbor 2 Neighbor, and Boy Scout Troop 87, as an Assistant Scoutmaster. Now I’m able to give back on a larger level to the community I love.

Nearly 18 years ago, I started, and built, my own small business in real estate, with employees, income, and expenses, and have helped hundreds of local families achieve their Real Estate goals. I have a combined 14 years in leadership roles at both the local and the state REALTOR Associations. I know how to bring diverse groups of people together to achieve common goals. These leadership traits are key to helping me lead Larimer County towards further success in the future.

I am the only candidate in the race with any relevant experience working with the Larimer County Board of Commissioners. I have the Experience, the Knowledge, and the Leadership Skills to be successful as your Larimer County Commissioner, and I’d love to earn your vote. Please write me any time at Thank you.


Endorsement Letters

The Home Builders Association of Northern Colorado (NOCO HBA)

Windsor, CO –NOCO HBA (the Home Builders Association of Northern Colorado) is recommending to its members support for the following candidate For Larimer County Commissioner.

Sean Dougherty: As a result of our committee’s interviews, Sean has demonstrated the commitment through his direct experience working with the Larimer Counties Commissioners and Staff for the past 8 years, and serving on other boards in Fort Collins and Larimer County. His commitment to small business in our industry and to be mindful in honoring property rights, also led us to endorse his candidacy. Mr. Dougherty’s vision for the county aligned best with the NOCO Home Builders Associations Vision and Mission.

 About the HBA

The Home Builders Association of Northern Colorado (NOCO HBA) is the voice of the home building industry throughout Larimer and Weld Counties, and provides members opportunities for business development, education, professional growth, networking and community involvement. The membership, comprised of builders, remodelers, developers, associate trades and sales & marketing professionals, is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders, which represents over 130,000 member companies nationwide. The members of the HBA are building excellence together for the neighborhoods and communities of tomorrow. Find more information at

Douglas L Braden, GA and Regulatory Committee Chair


Colorado FOP Lodge 52

Gary R. Patzer     Julie David
President              Secretary

The Loveland Lodge 52 of the Fraternal Order of Police is proud to announce its support of FOP Lodge 4 and their endorsements for the upcoming Larimer County elections.

The Fraternal Order of Police is the voice of those who have dedicated their lives to protecting and serving their communities. The vast majority of the police officers of the Loveland Police Department are members of the Fraternal Order of Police.  

FOP Lodge 4 has chosen to endorse the following:

County Sheriff – Justin Smith
Treasurer – Irene Josey
County Commissioner – Sean Dougherty

Lodge 52 believes these individuals are committed to maintaining Public Safety as a priority in Larimer County.  The men and women of Loveland FOP Lodge 52 urge the citizens to vote for Justin Smith for Larimer County Sheriff, Irene Josey for Larimer County Treasurer, and Sean Dougherty for Larimer County Commissioner.  


Gary R. Patzer
Colorado FOP Lodge 52


Larimer County FOP Lodge #4 Endorses Political Candidates

Larimer County Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge #4 has officially endorsed three candidates in the upcoming Larimer County election.  Lodge #4 believes the following individuals are committed to maintaining public safety in Larimer County:

County Sheriff – Justin Smith
County Treasurer – Irene Josey
County Commissioner – Sean Dougherty

The decision to endorse any candidate is not made lightly.  FOP Lodge #4 conducted a comprehensive endorsement process before making these important decisions.  Lodge members collaborated to create questionnaires for each candidate, conducted research on each candidate to include voting records where applicable, and conducted follow- up telephone interviews with the Commissioner candidates.

FOP Lodge #4 feels these candidates will best represent the lodge’s goals and objectives and will support Larimer County law enforcement as we continue to serve our citizens and communities.  We are also pleased to announce that Loveland FOP Lodge #52 supports and joins FOP Lodge #4 in endorsing these candidates (please see their attached announcement).



Jeffrey Vanhook

Larimer County FOP Lodge 4


Northern Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3

383 W Drake Rd., Ste 202
Fort Collins, CO

Christopher J Renn- Northern Colorado FOP Lodge 3 President

Over the past two months members of the Northern Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 board have met with candidates running for Larimer County offices in the November 2018 election. The races prioritized by Lodge 3 were those we felt had the greatest influence on the profession of law enforcement, specifically for our brothers and sisters at the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office. Those offices are District 1 Commissioner, County Treasurer and Office of the Sheriff.

We are appreciative to all candidates who reached out to our Lodge, and who took the time to meet with, and/or talk with us about their vision for the office they are in pursuit of, and how they would be the better candidate to support the needs of our profession. The areas of greatest concern to our members, as it relates to these conversations, were; Funding a retirement plan that allows officers to retire at an age that is safe and sensible to them and the communities they serve, A commitment from candidates to pursue an understanding of use of force situations through the lens of the officers who are not afforded the opportunity to watch a video, zoom in, hit pause and then decide the best course of action after the perceived threat has been neutralized, and last, Funding of the jail expansion and other facilities needed to help officers do their job safely and keep the communities in Larimer County safe.

In addition to meetings held with the candidates, questionnaires were submitted to each candidate to gain a better understanding of who they are, what they represent and how they would meet the needs of law enforcement and public safety. The questionnaire responses were sent out to our membership for their review. A poll was subsequently submitted to our membership to gather feedback on which candidates, if any, they wished to endorse. Based on the feedback from our members, Northern Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 is pleased to announce our support of:

Sean Dougherty- Larimer County District 1 Commissioner
Irene Josey- Larimer County Treasurer
Justin Smith- Larimer County Sheriff

Best wishes in your pursuit of these offices, and thank you for your dedication to our communities and the men and
women who keep them safe.



I am the owner/operator of Uncle Benny’s Building Supplies LLC. I am endorsing Sean Dougherty for County Commissioner this coming November election because I see a man that has been willing to give eight years of volunteer time in the Planning Commission and many other areas of Public Aervice. He has the experience and the heart to do the best job possible as the next Larimer County Commissioner for District 1.

Ben Aste Sr., Owner of Uncle Benny’s Building Supplies


Sean has taken the time to learn the role of county government and the duties and responsibilities of serving as a county commissioner. I personally know him to be a man who cares about his community and has demonstrates a willingness to serve. Sean will represent the interests of all of his constituents. He’s taken the time to learn about the public safety challenges we face and has shown his commitment to supporting the men and women who serve and protect Larimer County. I encourage you to join me in supporting Sean to serve as our next District 1 County Commissioner.

Larimer County Sheriff, Justin Smith 


“Larimer County needs a practical, community-minded leader, not a political extremist. Sean Dougherty’s county government and small business experience make him the clear choice for Larimer County Commissioner.”

Tom Donnelly, District 3 County Commissioner.


Sean has worked for years building strong relationships with both county residents and elected officials.  His vast experience with county land use and support of smart growth makes him the only logical choice for Larimer County Commissioner.

Todd Jirsa, Mayor, Estes Park


Sean Dougherty will serve us well as County Commissioner for Larimer County. I have known Sean for almost a decade and have been privileged to watch him as he has been at work in real estate, finding the fit for families as they move into and around our neighborhoods. I have also seen Sean as he has worked on the Larimer County Planning Commission where he has shown a patience and an attention to detail that will serve him well.

What I think is best about Sean is his attention to private property interests. In almost all things there is some ideal balance between competing interests, nowhere more do we see this than in land use. Making determinations about how to balance these interests is where you see the best of my friend, Sean. While understanding the desire of one party to have their use of a property granted, he sees the way to a compromise that ensures the enjoyment of all property owners, neither granting blanket permissions to one party or denying them to another.

The rich quality of life we enjoy in northern Colorado is dependent on being able to do what we wish with our property, with our time and with our resources. Sean will be a safeguard for our ability as citizens to live the lives we choose here in Larimer County. Please join me in supporting Sean Dougherty for Larimer County Commissioner this November.

Remember to vote!!

Representative Hugh McKean Colorado House District 51 Loveland, CO


“Sean has spent the last several years preparing to be a Larimer County Commissioner. He consistently attends Board of County Commissioner meetings, and has taken the time to be involved in everything from Chairing the Larimer County Planning Commission to participating as a stakeholder in the formation of the new 20 year Comprehensive Master Plan, to being involved in the Budget Process, from initial input to adoption. As a result, I believe that Sean is the only candidate qualified and ready to be your next District 1 Commissioner.”

Lew Gaiter, III, District 1 County Commissioner


Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce

Larimer County Commission Race

One seat on the Board of County Commissioners are up to election. County Commissioner candidates must live within a specific district but are elected at-large.

Support Sean Dougherty
Larimer County citizens will have the opportunity to elect a candidate to the Board of County Commissioners.  The Chamber is endorsing District 1 candidate Sean Dougherty.  Both of the candidates are earnest in their candidacy; however, Sean Dougherty was extremely thoughtful in his business perspective and has worked diligently as a volunteer on issues important to the business community.


Realtors endorse Dougherty for county commissioner

The Loveland-Berthoud Association of Realtors is pleased to announce its endorsement of Sean Dougherty for Larimer County Commissioner, District 1. This decision was made after a committee of our members interviewed both candidates.

Several things stood out about Sean. First, he is the only candidate who has experience in local government, having served on the Planning and Zoning Commission for more than eight years. The P&Z is a quasi-judicial board, responsible for making important decisions. Sean’s familiarity with the land use process will stand him in good stead as a commissioner. He is familiar with county government.

Northern Colorado will grow. That is inevitable and unavoidable. In order to sustain our quality of life now and in the future, we need more water storage to keep the water we are legally entitled to from flowing outside our state. Sean supports the need for more water reservoirs, including the Windy Gap and Northern Integrated Supply Projects.

Sean has a countywide perspective. Both candidates are good and honorable men, but Sean’s vision includes all of Larimer County, not just Fort Collins.

For these reasons, we urge voters to support Sean Dougherty for Larimer County commissioner.

Sarah Warnock

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