Candidate name: Irene Josey

Contact email:

Municipality candidate is running in: Larimer County

List the office candidate is running for: Larimer County Treasurer

List candidate’s campaign website:

List additional information: I started working in the Treasurer’s Office in an entry-level position in January of 1986. I learned the office procedures and responsibilities, and applicable Colorado State property tax collection laws, and worked my way to promotion as Chief Deputy Treasurer. I served as Chief Deputy for both Chuck Woodward and Myrna Rodenberger until I ran for the first time in 2014, taking office in 2015. I am currently the immediate Past-President of the CCTA and serve as a board member of that organization to further the mission of supporting all county treasurers statewide.

I also serve on the executive board for The Center for Family Outreach as Treasurer and I volunteer at The Animal House, a no-kill dog shelter. I have been involved in, and am a long time contributor to United Way, Pathways, Larimer Humane Society, and numerous other non-profit organizations in our community. I have enjoyed living in Larimer County for over 33 years.

I love serving Larimer County as Treasurer. I love the people I work for and with every day. I know the job, and enjoy improving our processes and personally helping taxpayers resolve concerns and teaching them about my responsibilities to them. I am happy to be a part of an Office that operates under Colorado law and established procedures and is focused on professional responsibilities that do not involve creating policy for Larimer County. I am honored to be a part of the county’s leadership team and to work with my peers to improve our county government effort as a whole.

I’ve helped build three property tax collection systems over the years; the last being implemented in December of 2014 for a first full cycle in 2015. This new system was awarded the Larimer County Innovation award in 2015. The details and intricacies of property tax collection are vast. We have over 154,000 properties, 188 taxing authorities and are accountable to all citizens of Larimer County. This job requires expertise and knowledge.

In 1986 our office had 14 employees; today we have 13, including me. We are not the status quo; we work diligently to improve our operations and customer service to the citizens. I am proud to say we do not use voicemail during office hours; either I or staff answers your call when you call us. We’ve established an online “Chat” option, to further expand communication options with taxpayers. As a result of our efforts, along with the other county offices, the 2018 citizen survey conducted by Larimer County shows that a majority of those completing the survey were satisfied with their contacts with county employees and 84% were satisfied with the collection and distribution processes for taxes and tax record keeping.

It is my intention to continue to serve county residents and taxpayers at the high level they expect and deserve.

Effective management and the application of technology have allowed us to function soundly without adding staff members. What we’ve done well consists of hiring the right people, emphasizing superior customer service and accountability, as well as fostering respect, and integrating technology to fit our unique needs. We always seek new processes to improve our accuracy and service delivery.

I have the responsibility, as Treasurer, to be the county’s “bank” and chief investment officer. Therefore, I am bound to make sure our money is held in secure investments that will not fail, go bankrupt, or end up victim to cyber-attacks or other threats. Safe and prudent investment of our public funds is our greatest priority and we have met that task without fail. We also manage the liquidity of our funds to ensure that the money flows in and out on time and to the proper recipients. By this, we properly support the schools, fire districts, library districts, and all other entities that we collect for and in turn, distribute to on a consistent and timely basis. Sitting on the focus boards for the county, I see what we are faced with in the next five, 10, even 20 years. With my experience in the Treasury, I also know that unexpected events will happen – institutional knowledge and preparation to adapt come with my experience in Larimer County government.

The money we manage funds all of the financial obligations of the county. Because we as elected officials, department heads and employees work well together and respect each other, we are successful together. One of the greatest recent examples of our county’s successful service to residents, which includes the contributions of the Treasurer’s Office, is the Moody (highest) Aaa rating Larimer County earned in 2017. This prestigious rating demonstrates how Larimer County is looked at financially. We were one of only two Colorado counties that have earned this designation.

During my first three years in office, I have returned over $500,000 in unspent budged money. This is your money and my job is to not spend what we don’t need. These funds can be used for other necessary services that the county provides citizens. This is not new in the Treasurer’s Office; we do not have a “use it or lose it” mentality in Larimer County. I prescribe to spend only what we need to provide your services at the highest level possible.

These examples of what my staff and I have done and continue to do remain my priorities going forward.

I moved to Larimer County and have remained here since 1985. I am truly blessed to have worked my way up from office clerk to elected Treasurer over my professional lifetime. I have also proudly maintained full employment my entire adult life.

My father raised me to be a hard worker, to roll up your sleeves and do the work. I do just that. I work the front line taking payments, I open, date stamp mail and enter payments. I answer the phone and personally meet with concerned taxpayers. I work alongside staff and have worked in every facet of the office for many years.

I have a job history with Larimer County that is a known factor. I know the laws and procedures related to my office. I have supervised, lead, and managed employees and $1,000,000+ budgets since the 1980’s. I have established long-term relationships in this community. I have worked with fellow county leaders and employees and with leaders and employees of municipal, county, and state entities for years. I have worked with local business leaders, bankers, and investment professionals. We have established credibility, mutual trust, and successful work and personal relationships that enhance and support good decision-making and the furtherance of service to this community. Because I have lived, worked, and raised a family here for many years, I know this community and what we have experienced here together. The good times, the bad times, the fires and floods, the wonderful expansion of county open spaces and bike paths. This is a valuable perspective. Because of my tenure with the Treasury and with all of the knowledge and experience that brings, I am uniquely qualified to serve as Treasurer for a second term.

Andy and I have two children and four grandchildren. We have lived, played and enjoyed working, side by side, with everyone here in Larimer County and in Colorado. I consider it a real honor to be here and am thankful every day.

With gratitude and many thanks,

Irene Josey
Candidate for and your current Larimer County Treasurer


Opinion: Irene Josey is the clear choice for Larimer County Treasurer

Fort Collins Coloradoan
Kevin Duggan, Fort Collins Coloradoan Published 7:00 a.m. MT Sept. 30, 2018

One of the more curious aspects of Colorado’s system of government is that our elected offices include positions that are administrative rather than policy-making.

We do this because the Colorado Constitution states that’s what will be done. Therefore, we require those who would manage certain state- and county-level offices to get voter approval, including assessors, treasurers and clerks, through partisan elections.

Candidates for these offices do not have to have specific qualifications to seek election. But in the end, qualifications and experience are what voters and taxpayers care about. We want to know people who are running these important offices know what they are doing.

Irene Josey, who has served as Larimer County’s elected treasurer since 2014, is clearly the most qualified candidate for the treasurer’s post in the November election. The Coloradoan editorial board unanimously supports her re-election and encourages voters to do the same.
Josey, a Republican, has worked in the Treasurer’s Office since 1986. She started out as an entry-level employee and worked her way up the chain of command, eventually serving as chief deputy treasurer for treasurers Chuck Woodward and Myrna Rodenberger.

She knows the laws that govern how taxes are collected and dispersed to various taxing entities across the county better than anyone. Her emphasis has been on customer service while maintaining efficiency in the Treasurer’s Office.
She sought election four years ago, when Rodenberger was term-limited, because it was her time to take the reins. And as noted above, that meant getting hired by the boss — Larimer County voters.

Josey has done an excellent job managing the county’s funds and ensuring a level of liquidity needed to address emergency situations, such as covering the cost of recovery efforts following the 2013 floods until federal reimbursement arrived.
Her opponent, Rick Bohn, decided to put himself up for election primarily because no other Democrat chose to do so. The idea of an uncontested election rubbed him the wrong way, so he put himself on the line.

We applaud his dedication to the election process and moxie for putting himself out there as a candidate.
But he’s running against a wholly qualified and competent candidate in Josey, who has earned and deserves another four years in office.

This is the view of the Coloradoan editorial board, written this week by columnist Kevin Duggan. The board meets weekly to set the topic and direction of the Coloradoan’s Sunday editorials. News reporters are not involved in the editorial board process.


Colorado FOP Lodge 52

Gary R. Patzer Julie David
President Secretary

The Loveland Lodge 52 of the Fraternal Order of Police is proud to announce its support of FOP Lodge 4 and their endorsements for the upcoming Larimer County elections.

The Fraternal Order of Police is the voice of those who have dedicated their lives to protecting and serving their communities. The vast majority of the police officers of the Loveland Police Department are members of the Fraternal Order of Police.

FOP Lodge 4 has chosen to endorse the following:

County Sheriff – Justin Smith
Treasurer – Irene Josey
County Commissioner – Sean Dougherty

Lodge 52 believes these individuals are committed to maintaining Public Safety as a priority in Larimer County. The men and women of Loveland FOP Lodge 52 urge the citizens to vote for Justin Smith for Larimer County Sheriff, Irene Josey for Larimer County Treasurer, and Sean Dougherty for Larimer County Commissioner.


Gary R. Patzer
Colorado FOP Lodge 52


Larimer County FOP Lodge #4 Endorses Political Candidates

Larimer County Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge #4 has officially endorsed three candidates in the upcoming Larimer County election. Lodge #4 believes the following individuals are committed to maintaining public safety in Larimer County:

County Sheriff – Justin Smith
County Treasurer – Irene Josey
County Commissioner – Sean Dougherty

The decision to endorse any candidate is not made lightly. FOP Lodge #4 conducted a comprehensive endorsement process before making these important decisions. Lodge members collaborated to create questionnaires for each candidate, conducted research on each candidate to include voting records where applicable, and conducted follow- up telephone interviews with the Commissioner candidates.

FOP Lodge #4 feels these candidates will best represent the lodge’s goals and objectives and will support Larimer County law enforcement as we continue to serve our citizens and communities. We are also pleased to announce that Loveland FOP Lodge #52 supports and joins FOP Lodge #4 in endorsing these candidates (please see their attached announcement).


Jeffrey Vanhook
Larimer County FOP Lodge 4


Northern Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3

383 W Drake Rd., Ste 202
Fort Collins, CO

Christopher J Renn- Northern Colorado FOP Lodge 3 President

Over the past two months members of the Northern Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 board have met with candidates running for Larimer County offices in the November 2018 election. The races prioritized by Lodge 3 were those we felt had the greatest influence on the profession of law enforcement, specifically for our brothers and sisters at the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office. Those offices are District 1 Commissioner, County Treasurer and Office of the Sheriff.

We are appreciative to all candidates who reached out to our Lodge, and who took the time to meet with, and/or talk with us about their vision for the office they are in pursuit of, and how they would be the better candidate to support the needs of our profession. The areas of greatest concern to our members, as it relates to these conversations, were; Funding a retirement plan that allows officers to retire at an age that is safe and sensible to them and the communities they serve, A commitment from candidates to pursue an understanding of use of force situations through the lens of the officers who are not afforded the opportunity to watch a video, zoom in, hit pause and then decide the best course of action after the perceived threat has been neutralized, and last, Funding of the jail expansion and other facilities needed to help officers do their job safely and keep the communities in Larimer County safe.

In addition to meetings held with the candidates, questionnaires were submitted to each candidate to gain a better understanding of who they are, what they represent and how they would meet the needs of law enforcement and public safety. The questionnaire responses were sent out to our membership for their review. A poll was subsequently submitted to our membership to gather feedback on which candidates, if any, they wished to endorse. Based on the feedback from our members, Northern Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 is pleased to announce our support of:

Sean Dougherty- Larimer County District 1 Commissioner
Irene Josey- Larimer County Treasurer
Justin Smith- Larimer County Sheriff

Best wishes in your pursuit of these offices, and thank you for your dedication to our communities and the men and
women who keep them safe.


Estes Park Trail Gazette:

Irene Josey has the experience, knowledge and work ethic to continue to be a successful treasurer for Larimer County, and she gets this editorial board’s endorsement.

She has worked in the treasurer’s office for over 30 years and has held the county seat since 2015. She is also the president of the Colorado County Treasurers’ Association. She displayed her knowledge of the position, and how important it was to have someone with the institutional knowledge in this administrative position. She pledges to continue safe investments of public funds, provide high level of customer service and to implement technological advances to existing systems. We have full confidence she will do just that.

Rick Bohn stepped up and gave the voters a choice when there were no options. We commend Bohn on taking on the race at the assembly. He said that he felt the voters should have a choice and we feel that way too. His willingness to learn and grow is what is great about the American spirit. We loved his views on transparency, but his concerns about the current treasurer and transparency of the office were unfounded, with the information he sought publicly available. He has got a great attitude, but can’t compete with Josey’s knowledge and experience.

We think Irene Josey will continue to be successful as the Larimer County treasurer, and will be receiving our votes.


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