Drinking and Dining Your Way Through FoCoMX

As a music festival maven, you know the drill: see as much great live music as possible in two days. With more than 200 bands to choose from and 20 venues, you are going to cover a lot of ground. So, taking time from your extremely packed schedule to figure out how to stave off thirst and hunger will only get in the way of your festival-going plans. One of the great things about FoCoMX is having the chance to check out many of our City’s “nontraditional” venues, which normally operate as restaurants and bars instead of live music meccas. To give you a leg up, I have assembled a set of drinking and dining recommendations to consider before, during, and after the shows you want to see. Every venue has something great to offer, so if I missed one of your personal favorites, please don’t be offended. This is just a handful of suggestions, and we would love to hear your top picks as well.

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  1. Drinking and Dining Your Way Through FoCoMX

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